World Trigger

Also Known As: ワールドトリガー
23 min
Release Date
End Date
A gate to another dimension has burst open, and from it emerge gigantic invincible creatures that threaten all of humanity. Earth's only defense is a mysterious group of warriors who have co-opted the alien technology in order to fight back!
Episode 1
Visitor from the Other World
Episode 2
Neighbor and Trion Soldier
Episode 3
Osamu Mikumo's Ability
Episode 4
Ai Kitora, A-Rank No.5 Agent
Episode 5
Power Elite, Yuichi Jin
Episode 6
Chika Amatori's Side Effect
Episode 7
Miwa Squad's Assault
Episode 8
Black Trigger
Episode 9
The Organization Known as Border
Episode 10
Tamakoma Branch
Episode 11
The Determination of Each One
Episode 12
A-Rank Agents of Tamakoma
Episode 13
Border Top Team
Episode 14
Miwa Corps
Episode 15
Black Trigger Wind Blade
Episode 16
To the Future
Episode 17
Border Official Enlistment
Episode 18
Mikumo Shu VS Kazama Souya
Episode 19
Ranking Battle! Midorikawa Jun's Strategy
Episode 20
Duel! Yuma VS Midorikawa
Episode 21
Neighbor's World
Episode 22
A Large-Scale Invasion Starts
Episode 23
The Holy Land, AftoKrator
Episode 24
Nestling from Mysterious World
Episode 25
Best Force in Border
Episode 26
Fierce Fight! Enedora vs. Kazama Squad
Episode 27
Counterattack of Border
Episode 28
Star Wand Master
Episode 29
Crossroads of Destiny
Episode 30
Enemy Commander High Rain
Episode 31
Mikumo Osamu's Consciousness
Episode 32
Implacable Enedora
Episode 33
The Terror of Hyrein
Episode 34
A Fierce Showdown! The Fight of the Best
Episode 35
The End of the Battle
Episode 36
The Have-not
Episode 37
A Hero and a Partner
Episode 38
B-Rank Wars Begin
Episode 39
Suwa Squad and Arafune Squad
Episode 40
Setting off! Mikumo Squad
Episode 41
An Impertinent Rookie
Episode 42
Ko Murakami of Suzunari-1
Episode 43
Nasu Squad's Choice
Episode 44
The Battle in the Foul Weather
Episode 45
The Thing That Decides the Battle
Episode 46
The Ace's Willpower
Episode 47
The Captain's Pride
Episode 48
And Towards the Future
Episode 49
Fugitives from Another World
Episode 50
Invisible Assailants
Episode 51
Xeno's Trion Soldiers
Episode 52
The Sunset of Meeden
Episode 53
The One that Shall Be Saved
Episode 54
Giev's Thrust
Episode 55
Dead or Alive
Episode 56
The Secret of Lilith
Episode 57
Xeno and Lilith
Episode 58
The Captured Osamu
Episode 59
The Two Black Triggers
Episode 60
The Adventure of Yotaro
Episode 61
Truth and Lies
Episode 62
Giev and Charon
Episode 63
A Reversed Future
Episode 64
A Prisoner from Aftokrator
Episode 65
No.1 Shooter, Masataka Ninomiya
Episode 66
Sharpened Fangs
Episode 67
The Battle of the B-Rank Top Teams
Episode 68
The Targeted Tamakoma
Episode 69
A Battle Royal
Episode 70
A Captain's Duty
Episode 71
A New Threat
Episode 72
An Evolving Mikumo Squad
Episode 73
To the Future